Call For Papers: New Directions in Chinese Survey Research

March 4, 2022

Survey research provides us with one of the most critical tools we have as social scientists to understand human behavior, public opinion and demographic information.  This is doubly true in an environment like the PRC, where on-the-ground research is increasingly difficult for international scholars.  New directions in survey research in China have broken ground on studying issues both international and domestic.  However, survey research is facing new challenges as well, both political and methodological.   As scholars of authoritarianism and of China, how are we to confront these challenges while still producing cutting-edge research?


We invite young scholars, including advanced graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and early-career faculty to submit papers as described below to participate in our conference.  UC San Diego’s 21st Century China Center will provide reimbursement up to $800 for travel to and accommodations in San Diego.


Additionally, this conference will invite leading scholars in the field to participate in the conference as moderators, discussants, and audience members. We are happy to confirm the participation of Dan Mattingly, Molly Roberts, Scott Rozelle, Rory Truex, Tang Wenfang, and Yiqing Xu in addition to others.




Applicants to participate will be required to submit three documents. Email all submissions to with the subject line “2022YSC—lastname”. 


1) an abstract: The abstract should be less than 400 words and describe the proposed paper, the data source (if applicable), and preliminary findings or hypotheses to be tested. 


2) a cover letter: The cover letter should be less than 1 page and describe how your proposed paper fits into the conference, when your survey was/is to be fielded, and any other relevant details to help us understand your contribution to the conference.  


3) a current CV 


Deadline for submission is Friday, April 15, 2022. Invited participants are expected to provide full papers two weeks before the conference. Direct any inquiries or request for clarification to Harris Doshay at


Potential Panel Topics (non-exclusive):

·         Foreign Policy

·         Policy Preferences

·         Misinformation

·         Censorship

·         Propaganda

·         Regime Support/Trust

·         Nationalism

·         Other Domestic Issues