Election Night Position

January 30, 2020

I am looking to hire Harvard Government students for a one night county vote position for Super Tuesday on March third. I have attached a flyer and put some info below.
I am reaching out to you about finding political science students to work for our company. Edison Research is the firm that collects the vote totals on Election Night for the National Election Pool, which consists of ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC. The job would require an individual to report to their local county courthouse and make periodic calls to our office to report the vote totals.
The job begins at 7:30pm on March 3rd and ends when the vote totals are fully reported later that evening. The position pays $85.00 for the night. Essentially, any punctual and responsible individual would be a good fit for this position. Any student interested in political science will recognize how interesting these presidential primaries could be from a historical perspective, and my hope is that by contacting you I might find a few. If you would prefer that I forward a PDF flyer, I can do so as well.
If you happen to know a student who would be a good fit for this job, feel free to have them email me at tjaffe@edisonresearch.com with their name, the county they reside in, and a good contact number. I would be happy to review the position with them, and if you have any questions please feel free to call or email!”

Thanks so much,
Toby Jaffe
Election Coordinator
Edison Research
Tel: 888.325.8683 ext. 222

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