Hiring a Social/Behavioral Scientist to Work on a Meta-Science Project

January 30, 2020

Social or behavioral scientist needed to assist on a project being run by UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, the University of Virginia, and Stanford University exploring replication in science.  This project has been underway for 5 years and involves conducting new experiments multiple times at multiple universities to determine how readily the same findings are obtained when conducting the same study repeatedly.
At present, nearly all data have been collected, and we need to engage an independent contractor consultant with experience collecting and statistically analyzing social or behavioral science data.  The tasks for this person will involve participating in the process of gathering, cataloguing, and “harmonizing” datasets collected by the various research sub-teams.  Thus, the initial activities will be what is often called “data management” – using survey questionnaire programming and raw datasets to create new integrated datasets with all variables coded in the same ways and properly labeled, suitable for statistical analysis.
Put differently, the work involves converting data stored in different formats to a common format, merging data into larger data sets, and adding data definitions to merged files. Statistical analyses of the merged data sets will also be conducted and compared to results from the individual data sets to verify data processing accuracy. For each merged data set, a user’s guide will be created that describes the data file structure and data definitions.

The deliverables include: (1) 20 merged data files, each of which will contain data from five separate studies, (2) 20 tables, each of which compares statistical results from the five merged studies to the original statistical results for those studies, and (3)  a separate user’s guide for each merged data set.
Later phases of the project may involve working with the team to conduct substantive statistical analysis of the data using sophisticated techniques and coauthoring manuscripts for peer review publications.
Desirable skills include a PhD or equivalent training in the social or behavioral sciences and experience collecting and analyzing large quantitative datasets.
Hourly rate is negotiable. 
To apply,  please go to this link: