SJC Annapolis Graduate Institute Summer Lecture Series

July 2, 2020

Please find the attached announcement for my remote talk on *July 15th 7:30pm EST until 8:20pm EST* to be accessed via this link here: 

Zoom Link to SJC Annapolis Graduate Institute Summer Lecture Series (available through desktop or mobile.)

July 15, 7:30pm EST to 8:20pm EST  Q&A to follow

Please also note the character of this lecture series: It’s customary to speak only about primary texts in front of a general, but liberally educated, audience. 

All the same, you’ll notice that I’ve remembered some of what we learned in each other's company, and, if I happen to forget anything, then you'll remind me, especially as regards these:

  1. An agreeable distinction between happiness and blessedness,
  2. Aristotle’s remarks on the genre of history,
  3. The old quarrel between philosophy and poetry,
  4. Having a good conscience versus a bad conscience,
  5. Unhappiness (kakodaimonia) and a new etymology of authentic,
  6. Meno’s poetic definition of virtue,
  7. Coordinations of arts and sciences,
  8. Some uses of style or wording (lexis) in PoeticsRhetoricRepublic, and Frogs,
  9. Fortune and necessity in human life vis à vis with change within time.

In the attachment to this email, listed are a few focal passages from (A) Herodotus' History Book 1, (B) Nicomachean Ethics, and (C) Poetics.

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