Spring 2020 Semester for the Political Economy Seminar

January 28, 2020

The Spring 2020 Semester for the Political Economy Seminar begins in February. 

Please see the schedule below, which is subject to change. 

By January 30, a reminder will go out for the first seminar of the series. Requests to meet with the speaker for the week will go out 1-2 weeks in advance as applicable.

Location: The seminar will be held this semester in the CGIS Knafel Building, Room K354, 3rd floor, 1737 Cambridge Street Cambridge Ma. 
Time: 4:30pm-5:45pm

February 6: Jon Eguia (Michigan State University, visiting Harvard) presents his paper, "Artificial Partisan Advantage in Redistricting."
February 13: Elias Papaioannou (London Business School, visiting MIT) presents his paper, "Intergenerational Mobility in Africa." 
February 20: Ben Enke (Harvard) presents his paper, "Moral Universalism and the Structure of Ideology."
February 27: Ken Shepsle (Harvard)
March 5: David Broockman (Berkeley)
March 12:  Michela Redoano  (Warwick University)
March 19: Spring Break
March 26:  Juan Vargas (Universidad de Rosario, visiting NYU)
April 2: Sergei Guriev (Science Po, Paris)
April 9: Ebonya Washington (Yale)
April 16: Paola Sapienza (Northwestern)
April 23: Fotini Christia (MIT)
April 30: Agustina Paglayan (UC, San Diego)

We look forward to seeing you then.