Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques at the University of Michigan

May 4, 2020

The course schedule for the Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques is available. All courses will be offered remotely this summer.  

The Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques offers training in state-of-the-art techniques for designing and implementing social research studies including collection and analysis of designed (i.e., survey) and organic (naturally occurring or Big) data. Many courses have no prerequisites; others are more technical and require more background. Many courses are short, either two full days or five successive half days; others are longer including some that are equivalent to a full semester. Please see the course schedule.  All courses will be offered remotely this summer, mostly via live, 2-way video, designed to be as close to an in-classroom experience as possible. Fees are discounted by 10% from original prices (excluding workshops and Responsive Survey Design seminars).