TF Opportunity for GenEd 1055: Rationality

January 31, 2020

Spring term TF/TA positions are still available for GENED 1066 Rationality, taught by Dr. Steven Pinker. 
Course description:
How can members of a species that discovered symbolic logic and the double helix also believe that the earth is flat and that Hillary Clinton ran a child-sex ring out of a pizzeria? Human rationality is very much in the news, as we struggle to understand how an era with unpreceded scientific sophistication could harbor so much fake news, conspiracy theorizing, and “post-truth” rhetoric. Rationality has also long been a foundational topic in the academy, including philosophy, psychology, economics, mathematics, and government.

The primary responsibility for course TFs will be to lead an hour-long section each week. These sections will include exercises that relate to concepts introduced in class and discussions of course readings. TFs will also be responsible for grading weekly assignments (for completion) and may also assist with grading the class midterm, final, and capstone paper. Finally, TFs are required to attend Psychology 3501, Rationality: Talking Points on Thurs from 3-5. TFs will take turns over the course of the semester pitching a plan for section, which will be discussed during the Thursday meetings.
Interested candidates should email the Head TF, Mattie Toma, at with their resume/CV.